Jim Ball


Jim has 30 years experience in designing and developing software for managing office buildings, data centers and general facilities.
Originally from New Orleans, Jim earned degrees in Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer Engineering before entering the nascent field of European Intelligent Buildings in the late 1980s. He co-founded ABSIA in France where he served for 7 years as Technical Director. There, he provided the initial design for the very successful BUILDING One software platform based on GIS database technology.
He moved back to the US in 2001 to head up the ABSIA subsidiary in New York. There, he decided to found a new company - ABSS Technologies - in 2004. At ABSS, he has designed an innovative software platform, called Site Manager, by working hand-in-hand with a small portfolio of private clients to help manage their worldwide footprints.
Jim currently serves as CEO at ABSS.

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