Aaron Duda

Principal, kW Mission Critical Engineering

Aaron is Professional Mechanical Engineer who brings 20 years of mission critical system design and a deep understanding of clients’ current system capabilities and future needs to achieve and surpass all project goals. However, it is his passion and persistence to drive technological advancement, always pushing the envelope on design, that makes him tick. Aaron leads the firm’s knoWledge eXchange initiative to disseminate valuable technical information and he also collaborates with the Dean of kW’s Mission Critical Education program to develop technical course curriculum. His latest endeavor is leading the Specialty Services group, working closely with firm leaders to grow and scale the “non-ME/EE” engineering services our clients are asking us to provide—fire protection & life safety, CFD modeling, power analytics, telecommunications and security system design. His inner geek enjoys all things intergalactic and neuro-scientific, from cosmic structures in the universe to physical structures of the human brain. Off the clock, Aaron can be found at a Cubs game enjoying churros with family and friends or on a bike ride with his two sons.

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