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Panel: Is data center WUE doing its job?

This session took place on March 22, 2023

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Panel: Is data center WUE doing its job?

In order to understand how to best manage water in a data center, operators firstly need to analyze exactly how much they are using. However despite WUE existing for this exact purpose, it has come under criticism in recent years as it does not take into account 'embodied water’, such as the water required to generate electricity, nor does it differentiate between water quality.

This panel will critique the benefits and shortcomings of WUE, and examine how factors not taken into account, such as recycled water use, should be included in calculations. By drawing on lessons learned from PUE, this episode will assess how metrics can be improved and modernized in order to accurately reflect the latest in technology, as well as the sustainability efforts made by data centers. Critically this episode will highlight the KPIs operators should be looking at, as pressure from clients to demonstrate optimal water usage will soon transcend what WUE reporting can show them.