UK regional Edge provider Pulsant has powered up an expansion of its data center in Manchester.

The company said that the £4.5m ($5.7m) data hall expands its Manchester site by 30 percent.

Pulsant manchester expansion
Pulsant's Manchester site – Pulsant

Pulsant has introduced an additional 300kW of IT capacity and 320 sqm (3,440 sq ft) to its Manchester data center, now totaling 1,000 sqm (10,763 sq ft) across four data halls, and offering more than 400 racks and 1MW of power.

Rob Coupland, Pulsant's CEO, said: “The Greater Manchester digital economy is worth around £5 billion ($6.35bn). We are proud to be part of realizing that potential. We will be watching the successes in Manchester to help us drive regional growth through better digital infrastructure elsewhere in the UK.”

IT services leader Dacoll was the first customer in the expanded facility.

Enterprise sales director at Dacoll Andrew Richmond said: "The Manchester facility enables us to expand our service capabilities to clients across the North West. We are seeing increased demand from those clients to have their data located closer to their businesses because faster access means faster growth.”

Pulsant announced its plans for expansion in November last year, although the facility was due to go live in December 2023. The company had previously acquired the Manchester site from M247 in January 2022.

The company also announced it would invest £3 million ($3.68m) to expand its Rotherham data center capacity by 116 percent in October 2023.

Pulsant is not the only firm to upgrade its data centers in Manchester. Earlier this year, Lunar Digital commenced the upgrade of its Reynolds House data center, after having secured a £215,000 ($265,530) contract with the University of Manchester.

Founded in 1995, Pulsant was acquired by Antin Infrastructure Partners in 2021. The company operates a total of 12 data centers in Edinburgh, Newcastle, Rotherham, Milton Keynes, Maidenhead, Reading, and Croydon.