Telehouse has launched its presence at data centers it acquired in Toronto, Canada.

KDDI-owned Telehouse Canada this week officially launched its first three data centers in downtown Toronto.

250 front street toronto canada telehouse
250 Front Street – Telehouse

The company is offering services from three carrier-neutral data centers, located at 151 Front Street West, 250 Front Street West, and 905 King Street West.

151 Front St. West totals 205,000 sq ft (19,045 sqm) of IT space, 250 Front St. West totals 82,000 sq ft (7,620 sqm), and 905 King St. totals 69,000 sq ft (6,410 sqm). The three sites offer more than 30MW combined.

"We are the first global leader with specialized data center expertise to own and operate these facilities, and we're bringing more than three decades of experience helping organizations grow," said Satoshi Adachi, president and CEO of Telehouse Canada. "We're well-equipped to help accelerate Canada's digital economy and support Canadian businesses as they scale their digital operations and look to reach new global markets."

151 and 250 Front St. are cooled primarily through a Deep Lake Water Cooling System (DLWC) from Enwave. The system harnesses the cold temperature at the bottom of Lake Ontario to cool nearby 190 buildings including hospitals, data centers, educational campuses, and more.

Using intake pipes that extend deep into Lake Ontario, cold water is pumped to a nearby filtration plant, where it is treated for use as drinking water. Once sent to a pumping station, heat exchangers transfer thermal energy between two systems – the potable water for the city is minimally heated as water supplied to downtown buildings is chilled. Enwave says the system currently displaces 55MW of energy a year from Toronto’s electricity grid.

KDDI acquired the three sites from Allied Properties REIT last year for $1 billion and set up a new local Telehouse unit.

In November 2022, Allied said it was exploring a potential sale of its data center portfolio. The company confirmed in January it was actively looking for a buyer for its urban data center (UDC) portfolio.

Allied bought 151 Front St. West for $192 million in 2009; Digital Realty, Equinix, and Cologix have a presence there. In 2011, Allied converted 905 King St. West into a data center (also occupied by Cologix).

Telehouse Toronto 151 front.jpg
151 Front Street – Telehouse | KDDI Corp

151 Front Street previously changed hands in January 2004, when an investment group led by Northam Realty Advisors purchased the building from Trizec Properties for $59 million. The site was built in 1954 to house telegraph equipment and operated as a mixed-use facility until it was bought by Trizec in 1997 and redeveloped for modern telecom use.

Established in 1988 and owned by Japanese telco KDDI, Telehouse has operations in 15 cities globally, including in the US, UK, France, Germany, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Kong Kong, and Japan. This latest deal takes the company to 12 countries.

Telehouse first entered North America in 1989 with the launch of a data center in New York. Today it operates at 85 10th Avenue in New York City, offering 60,000 sq ft (5,575 sqm); and at the 162,000 sq ft New York Teleport in Staten Island. It also operates a data center in Los Angeles, California at 626 Wiltshire Blvd.

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