O2 Telefónica Deutschland has announced it will launch its Standalone 5G service next week.

The operator said the service, which it has dubbed 5G Plus, will go live on October 10.

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Standalone 5G is not reliant on older mobile generations and solely uses a 5G core network. Non-Standalone 5G is the first implementation of the 5G network architecture and is designed to be deployed on top of an existing 4G LTE network.

5G SA provides lower latency, higher efficiency, better spectrum utilization, more reliable connectivity, and lower device battery consumption than other networks, and is expected to underpin use cases around critical IoT, enterprises, and industrial automation.

"5G Plus on the O2 network marks the beginning of a new technology era. We can sustainably connect our customers at high data rates and enable new digital applications," said Mallik Rao, chief technology & information officer (CTIO) of O2 Telefónica.

"Now O2 's new 5G Plus network is available to more than 90 percent of the population in Germany. By the end of 2025, we will provide the whole of Germany with 5G Plus, giving digitization a massive boost."

A number of other European operators have launched Standalone 5G networks this year, including Vodafone in the UK, TDC Net in Denmark, and Orange in Spain.

Telefónica's mobile brand Movistar also launched its Standalone 5G network in Spain earlier this year.