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Business Design Centre (Co-located with DCD>Connect | London)

Panel: Macroeconomic outlook and its impact on digital infrastructure investment

As we navigate through a period of significant economic fluctuation and regulatory shifts, the focus on digital infrastructure, particularly data centers, has intensified. Driven by an unprecedented surge in data consumption, AI and cloud services demand, the market for data centers is booming, with global investments projected to reach US$438.70bn by 2028 (Statista, 2024). Given these dynamics, how are investors adapting their strategies to capitalize on the burgeoning demand but also to mitigate risks?

In this session industry experts will explore how shifts in the macroeconomic landscape are influencing investment strategies in the digital infrastructure sector. What are the key risk factors investors must consider in the current economic climate, and how can they leverage emerging opportunities in a highly competitive market? The panel will offer diverse perspectives to address these challenges, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of how to navigate the complexities of investing in digital infrastructure amidst ongoing economic uncertainty.