T4 Group has acquired a plot of land in Invercargill on New Zealand’s south island for a data center.

t5 ibm kynrdyl auckland new zealand
T4's existing facility in Auckland (formerly owned by Kyndryl) – Google Maps

The exact location of the site, as well as the deal price and land specifications, are yet to be disclosed. However, the Kiwi company has said this will be New Zealand’s first Tier IV data center.

Dean Addie, chief executive of T4 Group, said the company is commencing detailed engineering in the next few weeks, and the first phase is expected to be complete by March 2025.

“We’re just excited that we’re moving forward," Addie said. "We are excited that we built a [data center] in our home town - most of us come from Invercargill, and we’re really thrilled about that for our community."

The company plans on using renewable energy for data center powering and putting in solar energy. Multiple jobs are also expected to be created during construction.

T4 Group first announced plans to build on New Zealand’s south island in March 2022.

Founded in 2021, the company has data centers on the North Island in Whangarei and Auckland. T4 Group also said additional rack space had become available in its Auckland data center.

T4 Group acquired a data center in Auckland from Kyndryl last month.

Invercargill is also home to Spark Digital’s data center and will soon house Datagrid’s planned 100MW+ facility. Intelia New Zealand also recently announced plans to build a subsea cable from Melbourne to Invercargill.