Hypercale builder Stack Infrastructure has promised to run completely on renewable energy by the end of 2021, while launching a new social responsibility program.

All current and future Stack data centers will run on 100 percent green power. The promise is part of OnePurpose, a set of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments.

Stack gets out of fossils

“This initial renewable energy commitment is an exciting first step in our long-term plan to actively address our carbon footprint,” said Stack chief strategy officer Matthew VanderZanden. “The OnePurpose program is Stack's broader strategy to operate responsibly including more sustainably developing data centers, building a more diverse and inclusive company, and incorporating greater transparency for our board and other stakeholders into everything we do.”

Previously, Stack has struck deals with utilities, for instance in 2020, when it announced a 32MW data center in Silicon Valley, it signed with P&E so that customers could choose a renewable tariff.

Stack recently announced it is expanding its campus in Prince William County, Virginia, and promised a 56MW campus in Toronto Canada - both announcements coming after a move to raise $400 million of capital for building programs. The company is also building a 32MW multi-story data center on its campus in San Jose, California, and recently announced an expansion in Atlanta.

All of Stack's new data centers are built with a power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1.3.