Stack Infrastructure (Stack) has begun building its new POR03 campus in Hillsboro, Oregon.

POR03 is a 28-acre campus, located at 4735 NE Starr Blvd in Hillsboro, near Portland. Initially, a 24MW 180,000 sq ft (16,700 sq m) data center will be built and is expected to be online around Q3 2021. Stack expects to build around four data centers on the campus, bringing the total IT capacity up to around 84MW.

The project is less than a quarter-mile from a new 34.5kV substation, with power supplied by Portland General Electric.

Stack POR03.jpg
An artist's impression of the Hillsboro campus – Stack Infrastructure

A whole new campus

Stack says POR03 benefits from Oregon’s lack of Sales Tax and is taking advantage of property tax abatements through the state’s Enterprise Zone Program. The program offers companies four to five years in tax abatements for offering wages higher than Oregon’s Minimum Wage and a qualifying investment of $1m.

Stack currently operates two facilities in Hillsboro, the 24MW POR02 campus includes 3MW immediate capacity and Stack also operates assets out of Digital Realty's nearby 12MW campus. Stack’s total capacity in Hillsboro, if all facilities are built and filled out, could total almost 125MW.

POR03 will also have links to the Wave Business Hillsboro Data Center Rings, offering fiber connectivity and transpacific cable access.

Wave Business is an Oregon-based telco and operates Hillsboro Data Center Ring I out of Stack's POR02. The telco has another facility, Hillsboro Data Center Ring II, based out of a nearby Flexential campus (next to Digital Realty's campus). Wave offers connections to seven submarine cables that link the US with China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Guam, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, and American Samoa.

Matt VanderZanden, chief strategy officer of Stack said: “Hillsboro continues to be an enduring, popular destination for clients, with its access to plentiful power, low-cost carbon-free supply options like wind, solar and hydro, and excellent connectivity to the major West Coast availability zones and international markets. Cloud and content providers and enterprises want to be there, and therefore, we want to be there. It’s our mission to support these companies with flexibility and scale as they innovate and grow.”

Stack’s work on the new campus follows its debt restructuring where it raised $325m to fund its projects.