Music and podcast streaming service Spotify experienced a global outage for more than an hour today, starting around 8AM EST.

The company did not confirm the reason for the issue, but the outage coincided with Spotify forgetting to renew its TLS certificate.


– Spotify

Cloudflare engineer Louis Poinsignon noticed that the company forgot to renew its Transport Layer Security certificate, the last of which ran for three years. The certificate has since been renewed, and the service has returned. This time, the certificate is set to expire in a year.

"Everything is good to go and looking happy," Spotify's status page tweeted soon after.

The service last experienced issues during a broader Facebook iOS SDK problem in July that meant the app crashed upon startup, but has generally had a strong uptime track record.

Last December, the company said that it has 124m Premium subscribers and 271m total Monthly Active Users worldwide.

Spotify primarily relies on Google Cloud for hosting and AI tools, a fact that is heavily promoted by Google.