The admin system of Canadian multinational e-commerce company Shopify has gone down in a global outage.

While the front end appears to load for most, it means that merchants cannot access their backend or create store accounts.

"Merchants may experience issues when trying to access the Shopify admin. The error will appear as a 530 Authentication Error. Refreshing may sometimes help the issue," the company said at 11:50 EDT.

"The Plus Admin & POS App logins are also impacted by this same issue and some images may fail to load on storefronts."

The company said that the 530 Authentication Error is sometimes resolved by refreshing.

At 12:15 EDT it said "Our live chat and callbacks support are experiencing intermittent issues."

A minute later it said that it had identified the problem and was working on a solution. After trying one approach for the next hour, it said at 13:32 EDT: "We have implemented another solution to address the issues and are monitoring the results."

The issues come on a day when WhatsApp went down, Apple was hit by two separate outages, and Cloudflare and Akamai both reported problems.

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