Schneider Electric has added more options to its uninterruptible power supply (UPS) portfolio for small data centers and edge deployments.

The new Easy UPS 3 phase for commercial and industrial locations is a cabinet which can be scaled up to 600kVA, while also being easy and 'relatively' light so it can be used in smaller areas. The 'Easy UPS 3L' comes in two versions, the 500 and 600kVA with a weight of around 640kg and 720kg respectively, and are available internationally, except in China and Japan.

The Easy UPS 3L – Schneider Electric

UPS the easy way

Schneider expanded its Easy UPS range (Spanish link) back in July 2019 with several 'easy to install' cabinets designed to be scaled up with external batteries, with Schneider claiming impressive energy savings.

The new range is for an emergency power supply on a larger scalefor medium and large commercial buildings, data centers, and light industrial UPS applications. It accommodates different battery voltages and a number of configurations such as battery banks.

According to its brochure, each cabinet can be wired up to 4 UPSs for capacity or redundancy.

Mustafa Demirkol, global VP for 3-Phase UPS Offer Management & Marketing at Schneider Electric, said: “The Easy UPS 3L is easy to configure, easy to use, and easy to service."

Back in February, Schneider launched another UPS system for small facilities, based on lithium-ion technology.

The Smart UPS system is designed to fit in small cabinets such as the company's 6U wall-mounted enclosure, whereas, the Easy UPS 3L range is designed to operate alongside larger deployments like Schneider's the 24U or 42U cabinets.