Swiss cabling specialist Reichle & De-Massari (R&M) has launched a micro data center for edge deployments.

The 42U EdgeGo Basic is designed to be relatively sound proofed, reducing IT noise by 31 dBA.

EdgeGo Basic
– R&M

For the edge

The micro data center has an active cooling performance of 12kW, and a passive cooling capacity of 2.75kW. It also comes with a security camera.

"R&M believes the ready-wired edge solutions could be implemented particularly in industrial companies producing in leased buildings," the company said.

"There would be no need to plan and integrate additional server rooms with raised floors and further elaborate components. A move would be simple as EdgeGo can simply be disassembled and moved on."

Based in Wetzikon, Switzerland, R&M primarily sells fiber optic, twisted pair cabling and automated infrastructure management products.

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