Construction work at an Israeli data center was stopped for two days due to worker injuries.

Earlier this month, a 35-year-old laborer was hit by a wall which had collapsed and another worker, 30, fell seven meters and was seriously injured.

Local publication Kolhair Modiin reports that the worker who fell was taken by medics to Yitzhak Shamir Medical Center, 20km away (12 miles) from the Modi'in data center and the worker hit by the wall was taken to Sheba Tel Hashomer Hospital, 30km (20 miles) away.

This led to a suspension of work at the site, which ComputerWeekly reports is a Microsoft facility. Microsoft did not respond to requests for comment.

Microsoft Azure
– Sebastian Moss

Shut down

The suspension comes after inspectors from the Workers Safety Administration issued a work stoppage order upon inspecting the site. Senior staff from Schonfeld Engineering, the firm building the data center, have been summoned to a hearing held by the administration. In addition, the company received a NIS 70,000 ($20,000) fine due to hazards at the site.

The Israeli Ministry of Labor, said (translated): "Yesterday evening, a report was received from the police of a worker who was ‘lightly’ injured (broke his hand).

“The incident occurred at the end of the workday when all the site owners [were] no longer present.

“Following the report, the inspectors arrived this morning to clarify the circumstances of the case and to close the site for work.

"We will make it clear that the site is closed immediately for two days with an option for a five-day extension."

Microsoft announced plans to open a cloud region in Israel earlier this month.