Two Google Cloud locations experienced issues after an unidentified power failure.

Google's us-east1-c and us-east1-d regions suffered errors impacting Cloud Networking and Persistent Disk, as well as other services that relied on them.

Power hungry Google

– Google

The issues began at 8:15 Pacific time, and were mostly resolved by 10:20.

"Some services in us-east1-c and us-east1-d are failing, customers impacted by this incident would likely experience a total unavailability of zonal services hosted in us-east1-c or us-east1-d," Google's status page said.

"It is possible for customers to experience service interruption in none, one, or both zones."

Google said that the "impact is due to power failure," but shared no further details. It promised "a more detailed analysis... at a later time."

The company's cloud service experienced seven hours of errors on March 31, and an hour of significant issues on March 27.