Just two weeks after 80 IBM Cloud data centers were brought offline for more than three hours, IBM Cloud is having problems.

The service experienced sporadic outages and errors in Dallas, Sydney, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Washington DC, London, and elsewhere for several hours Wednesday night.

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– Sebastian Moss

Users were unable to log in, while those already logged in were unable to provision virtual private cloud (VPC) services, set up new Kubernetes workloads, use Watson services, or a number of other IBM Cloud services.

LogDNA Indexing saw seven hours of processing issues in Frankfurt, the IKS container service had problems for some 12 hours in Dallas, and the Cloudant Dashboard and API broke for three hours in Frankfurt and London - to name but a few of the issues.

The company did not provide any details about what caused the outage, and its official IBM Support Twitter handle did not mention the outage.

IBM was slightly more forthcoming about its June 10 outage, which it blamed on "a 3rd party network provider [that] was advertising routes which resulted in our WW traffic becoming severely impeded.

"This led to IBM Cloud clients being unable to log-in to their accounts, greatly limited Internet/DC connectivity and other significant network route related impacts. Network Specialist have made adjustments to route policies to restore network access, and alleviate the impact."

In March, IBM experienced a separate outage at its Dallas data center.

The company, which is thought to be in the midst of laying off up to 20,000 staff members as its traditional business segments shrink, hopes to pivot to becoming a major cloud provider.