Polish telco Netia has opened its new data center outside Warsaw, Poland.

The Netia Data Center Mind facility in Jawczyce, just outside the capital, offers 1,000 sqm (10,700 sq ft) of server space across four roomw, allowing for the colocation of nearly 520 racks, as well as nearly 700 sqm (7,500 sq ft) of office space.

“The impressive results in the first weeks of the new facility near Warsaw show that customers appreciate our professional and comprehensive care, high level of redundancy, and the safety of our facilities,” said Andrzej Abramczuk, CEO of Netia.

“Thanks to this, even in such a competitive market as Warsaw, we are able to grow rapidly.”

Netia Mind Warsaw.jpg
– Netia

Announced in August 2020, the Zloty 79 million ($21.1 million) facility is powered through wind energy agreements and uses an environmentally friendly emergency power supply.

Rather than using conventional (static) uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), the facility is using two DRUPS Hitec PowerPRo2700 with a power of 2MW each. DRUPS (Diesel Rotary UPS) do not use batteries, but store kinetic energy in a rotating mass, and can be more energy efficient.

Within weeks of opening, the facility is reportedly already one-third occupied. One of the facility’s first customers is Polish technology firm CloudFerro.

“We were looking for another data center in Warsaw that would be scalable to the level of at least 100 server cabinets. One of the most important selection criteria was the safety and reliability of the facility, ranging from physical security, energy supply, cooling, i.e. the latest technologies used, to location aspects,” said Grzegorz Pawlicki, hardware & procurement team manager at CloudFerro.

Part of the Polsat Group, Netia has five data centers in and around Krakow and Warsaw.