UK Internet Services Provider (ISP) Plusnet is planning to axe its landline services to existing customers once analog services (PSTN/WLR) are switched off by BT and Openreach.

As reported by The Sun, the British company, which provides broadband, mobile, and landline services, will no longer offer the service, as all copper-based phone lines will be switched off by the end of December 2025.

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Plusnet, which is owned by BT Group, told the publication that customers will need to go for broadband-only or move company if they want landline services.

BT confirmed in September that it would stop selling new voice copper telephone lines on its Openreach national network after more than a century.

The company first outlined its intentions to phase out the legacy copper network back in 2017.

Existing customers can still use the service, but will need to find an alternative provider if they want to retain landline services.

The telco did say that for those customers wishing to retain a home phone product, they would instead be offered “exclusive access to the very best deals on BT and transition to their digital landline service will become available."

Unlike BT and EE, Plusnet has not introduced its own IP-based digital voice solution, otherwise known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

Plusnet has previously shut down its TV service and has also begun winding down its mobile operations, which will close in June and combine with EE.

The company stopped selling its own-brand SIM-only mobile plans to new customers at the end of March 2023.