Piemonte Holding is to buy the Rio de Janeiro data center of Brazilian media firm Globo in a sale-leaseback deal.

The investment firm and Drammen Elea Digital, Piemonte's data center holding company have entered into an agreement to acquire Globo Comunicação e Participações certified Tier III data center located near the Olympic Complex, in the west of the Rio metro area.

Engineering firm Afonso Franca reports the facility is 5,225 sqm (56,200 sq ft).

MHA Engenharia Ltda -- Globo data center Rio.png
– MHA Engenharia Ltda

“We couldn't choose a better moment to announce this partnership with Globo as the Tokyo Olympics have started. In 2016, concurrently with the Rio Olympics, Globo invested in a state-of-the-art digital infrastructure, a Tier III data center designed to connect Rio de Janeiro to the world and that we consider as a valuable Olympic legacy both for Rio and Brazil,” said Alessandro Lombardi, CEO of Piemonte Holding. “After closing the transaction, Piemonte Holding will be able to continue investing in this data center, expanding its facilities, power, and connectivity.”

The deal value will not be disclosed by the parties. The agreement, in addition to the sale and purchase, includes a long-term colocation contract between Elea Digital and Globo.

Before closing, the deal must be cleared by the Brazilian Antitrust Authority (CADE) and pass through documental execution.

After closing, Elea Digital will have facilities in Porto Alegre, Curitiba, São Paulo, Brasília, and Rio de Janeiro, totaling 10MW.

Earlier this year Piemonte bought five data centers from struggling Brazilian telco Oi. The five facilities were acquired for R$367 million ($70 million) and folded into Elea Digital.

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