Mexico will be Oracle's next cloud region in Latin America.

BNAmericas reports the company will be opening a data center in Querétaro next year.

“I can't specify the date yet, but, yes, in 2022 we will start operating with the data center in Mexico,” Marcos Pupo, Oracle's senior cloud VP for Latin America, said in a reply to a question from BNamericas.

Oracle currently has three cloud regions in Latin America: two in Brazil and one in Chile.

The company opened a second Brazilian region, in the Vinhedo area of São Paulo, in May, after opening a separate São Paulo region last year. Its Chile facility opened late last year.

The Vinhedo facility was Oracle’s 30th Cloud region globally, with the company planning to have 38 by the end of the year.

Oracle has plans for more data centers in other countries in Latin America, according to Rodrigo Galvão, head of Oracle for Latin America, but hasn't shared details.

The company is also in discussions with telcos for 5G private network projects with Edge computing in the region.

“There are things I still can't announce because they're not public. But we're looking at the issue of private networks and working very closely with all telecom companies,” Galvão said.

Microsoft is also looking to open a Mexican cloud region in Querétaro. AWS has two Edge locations in Querétaro. Brazilian data center group Odata is also currently constructing its 30,400 sqm (327,000 sq ft) QR01 facility in the area, while Digital Realty has two data centers in the region. Equinix acquired two Axtel facilities in Querétaro in 2019.

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