Norway based NO-UK COM will build a new submarine cable with the backing of a consortium of Norwegian companies.

The 700km (435 mile) Englandcable will be deployed in 2021 and from its cable landing station (CLS) in Green Mountain’s Stavanger data center in Norway will lead to Newcastle, England. From there, the cable will be just another connection for the Euroconnect-1, a larger fiber network operated by the subsidiary of Altibox, Lyse.

The 160 terabit Euroconnect-1 will link Norway to London, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Hamburg. The British connection will lead to a CLS in Seaton Sluice, a village in northern England, and feed cables into Stellium DataCentres' facilities in the Cobalt Business Park, Newcastle.

The consortium backing the Englandcable consists of Green Mountain, Lyse, Haugaland Kraft and BKK, the Hatteland Group, and Ryfylke IKS.

The Englandcable's route between Britain and Norway – NO-UK

NATO bunker

Green Mountain's DC1-Stavanger facility was established inside a former NATO ammunition storage bunker. The 22,600 sq m (230,000 sq ft) site comprises a total of six mountain halls, each with a two-story concrete building built within the mountain.

The data center has three independent grid supplies each fed from multiple hydroelectric power plants; hydropower is estimated to make up 99.99997 percent of the data center’s power consumption.

The site is also notable for having a cooling source available from an adjacent deep water fjord, securing a consistent and cool 8°C (46.4°F) for the data center.

Open door

Knut Molaug, a board member of the company NO-UK, said: “I am very pleased that the final agreement is now in place and that this important project becomes a reality. This high-speed direct connection is a door-opener for international establishments.”

Tor Kristian Gyland, the CEO of Green Mountain, added: “We have always had a strong value proposition with our green, renewable and abundant hydropower, low power prices, safe business environment, and beneficial framework conditions. Now we can truly add multiple state-of-the-art international fiber connections to the list, which makes our offer even stronger.”