Two shell companies that appear to be linked to Facebook/Meta have shifted ownership of a huge data center proposal near Atlanta, Georgia.

Morning Hornet, LLC has taken ownership of the up to two million square foot project from Baymare, LLC, The Covington News found.

stanton springs joint development authority georgia.jpeg
– Stanton Springs Joint Development Authority

In March, The Joint Development Authority of Jasper, Morgan, Newton, and Walton Counties approved a $42 billion bond for the data center project in Stanton Springs, just outside Atlanta.

The proposal from Baymare called for the development of an initial 900,000 sq ft (83,600 sqm) data center by 2026, followed by three 400,000 sq ft (37,100 sqm) data centers - one every two years.

The first phase would cost $750 million, with the subsequent data centers costing $550 million.

At the time, the identity of Baymare was not known - however, it appeared likely to be Facebook thanks to the documents, descriptions, sizes, and costs being virtually identical to a nearby Facebook facility.

That project, the Meta Newton Data Center campus, was negotiated in 2018 by Morning Hornet, LLC. It is located on the same Stanton Springs industrial park as the new proposal.

It is not clear why Facebook shifted the project between its two shell companies. The company was not immediately available for comment.

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