Microsoft Teams is down around the world.

It is not clear what has caused the outage of Microsoft's video and chat platform, but it does not appear to affect other Microsoft services or Azure cloud.

Update: "We've monitored the environment and confirmed that the service is performing as expected," Microsoft said after several hours of issues. "If a user is still experiencing impact, they need to restart their clients to recover."

Guess it's time to Zoom then

Microsoft Azure
– Sebastian Moss

"We’ve confirmed that this issue affects users globally," Microsoft's status Twitter account said.

"We’re reviewing monitoring telemetry and recent changes to isolate the source of the issue. More information can be found under TM252802 in the admin center."

This is the second Microsoft Teams outage just this month, after a DNS issue brought down Teams, Xbox Live, and some of 365 and Azure for two hours.

Another outage happened last September across Office 365, Teams, Outlook and other Microsoft offerings. That same month, a cooling issue brought down a UK Microsoft data center for most of a day.

Earlier that year, an "isolated power event" caused a small Azure outage in West Central US cloud region.