Microsoft is planning a new data center in São Paulo state, Brazil.

Liberal reports that Microsoft is developing a new data center in Sumaré, likely to expand its existing São Paulo Azure cloud region.

Microsoft Azure
– Sebastian Moss

The facility will be located on the banks of the Venâncio Calegari Municipal Road, next to Santo Antonio Park, in the Nova Veneza region.

The project has already received approval from Cetesb (Environmental Company of the State of São Paulo), but details have been kept confidential, according to the publication.

Microsoft launched a São Paulo Azure cloud region – known as Brazil South – in Campinas in 2014. It was expanded to three availability zones in 2021.

The company announced plans for a second Brazilian region – Brazil Southeast – in Rio de Janeiro in 2020. The site is no longer listed on the company’s site and has been re-classified as a ‘reserved access region’.

Microsoft has previously said such secondary locations are “optimized for disaster recovery that can support scenarios such as helping meet data residency requirements or specific risk & regulatory compliance needs for geographic isolation.”

The likes of Ascenty and Digital Realty operate data centers in Sumaré.