Digital Realty has opened a new data center at its campus in Inzai City, Japan.

The NRT12 facility, built through the company's joint venture with Mitsubishi Corporation, adds 34MW of IT capacity to the campus, bringing the total availability at the site to 73MW. Inzai City is located in the Chiba Prefecture, south east of Tokyo.

Digital Realty's new NRT12 data center – Digital Realty

NRT12 is designed to offer high-density power of up to 70kW per rack, the company said. It features air-assisted liquid cooling technologies, low-latency networks, and high-speed connectivity that enable it to meet the demands of high-performance computing, machine learning, virtual reality, and augmented reality, as well as AI workloads.

Digital Realty says it has built the facility to “meet the growing demand for scalable, flexible, and AI-ready data centers in the Tokyo metropolitan area.”

The launch is a “significant milestone” for the company in Japan, according to Serene Nah, managing director and head of the Asia Pacific region at Digital Realty.

Nah said: “This new data center, designed to world-class specifications, expands our capacity and strengthens our commitment to supporting the growing demand for AI-powered and scalable digital infrastructure in the Tokyo metropolitan area.”

NRT12 has been delivered through MC Digital Realty (MCDR), a $1.8 billion JV the company set up in 2017 with Mitsubishi Corporation. As part of the deal, Digital Realty’s existing data center in Saito, Osaka, and Mitsubishi’s Mitako facility in Tokyo were transferred to the JV, and it now operates nine data centers in Tokyo and Osaka.

MCDR acquired the land for the Inzai City campus in 2019 and has been building it out ever since.

Chris Han, chief operating officer of MCDR, said: "With its robust features and strategic location, NRT12 provides an ideal platform for businesses to accelerate their digital transformation journeys and unlock the full potential of cutting-edge technologies like AI and hybrid IT.

DCD reported this week that Digital Realty and Mitsubishi Corporation have launched a new JV in the US, where they will fund the construction of two data centers in Dallas, Texas.