Microsoft is bringing its cloud gaming service to Australia, Brazil, Japan, and Mexico.

The Xbox Cloud Gaming service runs on Microsoft Azure, and connects gamers to custom Xbox Series X console servers located in Microsoft data centers.

With the new additions, Xbox Cloud is now available in 26 countries across five continents.

Xbox One X
– Microsoft

Previously known as Project xCloud, the platform is a game streaming service that aims to bring Xbox titles to any compatible screen via cloud computing.

But for the platform to work, it requires extremely low latency and high download and upload speeds. Unlike streaming a video, players cannot wait for a game to buffer, and need their commands to be sent back to the data center as quickly as possible.

Rival cloud provider Google has its own Stadia service, but it has been met with limited success - and the company has canceled its internal game development for the platform.

Amazon Web Service's Luna has equally not made a big impact on the market, but is still in an early access stage. Earlier this month, after nearly a year on the market, it was made available on Chromebooks and Amazon Fire tablets.

Gaming rival Sony has its own PlayStation Now cloud gaming platform, but cannot leverage a giant internal cloud infrastructure like Microsoft. Instead, it has partnered with Microsoft to explore cloud gaming co-development.

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