Digital Realty's Interxion has reduced its cooling energy consumption by 20 percent at a London data center with the help of monitoring tools from EkkoSense.

EkkoSense was taken on by Interxion to increase the cooling capacity and reduce energy costs at its West Drayton data center in London.

Digital Realty data center West Drayton.JPG
Interxion's data center in West Drayton, London – Google Maps

Energy efficiency

EkkoSoft Critical is the monitoring program that has been used by Interxion since February last year to provide real-time data on the facility's performance. Due to the project's success, Digital will now deploy the software in two New York locations and a further five European sites later this year.

Jeff Tapley, Group MD at Interxion, said: “The results from our initial project with EkkoSense have been nothing short of impressive."

James Kirkwood, head of critical services at EkkoSense, said the results were due to EkkoSoft Critical's use of analytics to highlight airflow and cooling inefficiencies and to show critical metrics: "The team at Interxion also uses the software on a daily basis for ongoing monitoring and evaluation capacity planning activities to maintain the optimized state as the environment changes.”

Last October, Digital Realty announced plans to acquire Interxion for around $8.4bn, in one of the largest data center mergers ever. The deal closed in March. Since then, the group has launched an 85MW Digital Park in Paris.