Chinese telecoms equipment company Huawei has issued a mandatory month-long furlough for its staff in Russia and suspended new orders.

However, Chinese nationals are still going to Huawei's office.

– Sebastian Moss

"There are no orders, so why should people go to the office? In a month the vacation will either be extended, or employees will be returned from it," an anonymous source told Forbes Russia.

Russian publication Izvestia also reported on the suspension of Huawei sales in the country, adding that the company accounts for 30-40 percent of base stations operating in the country, and is a major supplier of data center and storage hardware.

But sources told the paper that they hoped the suspension was a temporary measure as Huawei evaluates how much of its own supply chain is impacted by US and European sanctions.

Once it has removed equipment that could be caught up in sanctions, Russian companies hope that Huawei will resume sales.

Russia's Ministry of Digital Transformation told Izvestia that it was aware of disruptions to Huawei's supply but added that it expected Ericsson to pick up any lost orders.

“We believe that we can count on the continuation of more than a century of business history of Ericsson and that they will not let us down at such a moment."

This week, however, Ericsson suspended business in Russia and put employees on paid leave due to the country's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

Nokia, which helped build Russia's state surveillance network, has also pulled out of Russia.

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