Green Mountain has bought land for another data center in Norway.

The company has secured 50,000 sqm (538,000 sq ft) at the Haugaland Business Park in Gismarvik, Tysvær municipality and plans to build a new data center on the site.

"We have a long-term perspective on this location, but we can still start the first construction phase as early as 2022 with the current power situation. Several international companies have shown interest for this specific site." says Green Mountain CEO, Tor Kristian Gyland.

The 5,000 acre park is powered by renewable hydropower and a new planned power cable will mean upto 500MW of power will be available in 4-5 years.

“With the NO-UK cable soon to be realized, this value proposition is further strengthened on the connectivity side,” added Gyland. “Collaboration where the residual heat from the data center can be reused in circular projects is particularly relevant.”

Green Mountain currently has three data centers; the underground DC1-Stavanger facility in a former NATO ammunition storage facility, the 7.5MW DC2-Telemark in Rjukan, and DC3-Oslo. The company also has plans for a campus in the Kalberg Valley.