Google will invest €600 million ($670m) to build a second data center in Hamina, Finland.

The new facility will be located in the old Summa paper factory, like its predecessor, opened by Google in 2011.

The Summa paper mill – Google

The national and local governments welcomed the news, according to Permanent secretary of the ministry of economic affairs and employment Jari Gustafsson, said: ”Google’s significant data center investment is good news and an indication of a stable and competitive environment. This investment strengthens Finland’s digital infrastructure."

In Hamina, the municipal head Hannu Muhonen, said: ”This is the largest ever single investment in Hamina’s history and it will have a positive effect on employment during the construction phase and after. The investment also increases the attractiveness of the whole region. For over a decade, cooperation between Google and the City of Hamina has worked very well."

Hamina is located on the coast, some 145 kilometers east of the Finnish capital Helsinki and has a population of slightly over 20,000 people.

The existing Hamina facility was opened in 2011, and has been upgraded several times since, most recently in 2018, when Google opened a cloud region in Finland. The facility is cooled by sea water- a cooling system it inherited from the paper plant which preceded it - and Google has financed wind farms to help power it.