Equinix has completed a $48 million (AU$66m) expansion to its SY5 data center in Sydney

The Phase 2 build, announced in February 2021, adds colocation space of 11,300 sq m ((121,000 sq ft). The addition of 2,150 cabinets takes SY5's capacity to 3,975 cabinets.

There's more to come, with SY5 heading towards 9,200 cabinets when fully built, making it Australia's largest Equinix IBX facility.

Equinix Sydney Sy5.png
– Equinix

"We continue to see significant momentum in Australia as technology spend accelerates, driven by the shift to as-a-service consumption models and hybrid multicloud being widely adopted as the architecture of choice," said Equinix Australia MD Guy Danskine.

Data center demand is growing fast in Australia, with a mandate ordering government data to be kept locally. Other providers have also had an opportunity to step in after the Government ordered that such data could no longer be stored in Global Switch facilities now owned from China.

Other Equinix plans in Australia include a third data center in Perth due to open later this year. The company also has eight facilities in Sydney, five in Perth, and one each in Adelaide, Brisbane, and Canberra.

This week the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) gave Equinix Australia permission to make joint tenders with other companies (Nike, H&M, HSBC Bank, and Goldman Sachs) for renewable power.

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