Edgnex, a new data center firm set up by Dubai property firm Damac, has rebranded to Damac Data Centres and announced plans for a 35MW of data center capacity.

– Edgnex

“In line with our customers and values, Edgnex has now been rebranded as Damac Data Centres,” the company said this week. “We have made a strategic decision to align with the Damac Group. We’re proud to be part of the Damac Group and its construction heritage.”

The company broke ground on a 20MW data center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia last year. The 17,720 sqm (184,000 sq ft) site is set to go live in Q3 2023.

During the LEAP conference where the name change was announced, the company also said it plans to invest $600 million on expanding its data centers in Riyadh and Dammam.

Phase from of each site will now reportedly go live in Q4 2023, with a further 5MW launched by the following quarter. By 2025 the sites will offer a combined 55MW.

According to a LEED filing, the Dammam facility will span 12,320 sqm (132,590 sq ft) across three floors. It has also received an Uptime Tier III design certification.

The company is reportedly planning more facilities in Saudi Arabia, and has previously hinted at potential developments in Spain, Italy, and Germany.

In Ireland, Edgnex was set to build a data center campus that could reach 70MW+, on a greenfield parcel of land bought jointly by DAMAC and Dataplex in Abbotstown, near Dublin. However, Dataplex has since liquidated after Eigrid denied the company power contracts at two data center sites.

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