Digital Realty is to build a new data center in Dallas, Texas.

The company has filed with the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation to build a new data center in the Lewisville area, to the north of Dallas-Fort Worth.

Filed as ‘Project Gold’ the company is planning to invest $59 million in building a single storage shell data center with space for three data halls on a 182,969 sq ft (17,000 sqm) site at 2501 Edmonds Lane in Lewisville.

The company also aims to develop an office shell and associated site and utility infrastructure including a generator yard and guard house.

Construction is due to start in November 2022 and finish in November 2024.

Digital Realty currently has 13 data centers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area around Carrollton, Garland, Richardson, and Dallas. It also owns one each in Houston and Austin.

The company operates one facility in Lewisville at 2501 State Highway 121; the site, known as Digital Convergence, comprises 829,000 sq ft (77,000 sqm). on 168.4 acres, including 60 acres of additional land for future development.

The property was originally developed by Texas Instruments in the late 1970s and later known as Convergence Business Park. The campus consists of ten large-box buildings: buildings 1, 11, and part of 3 are two stories with the remaining buildings single-story. Digital Realty acquired the site in 2012 for $123 million.

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