Australian digital asset management company Collaboro has selected Macquarie Cloud Services' private cloud to house its 3.5 petabytes of data.

Collaboro_Warwick Boulter_Macquarie Cloud Services_1
Warwick Boulter – Collaboro

The company said it was already using a public cloud solution, but found that the storage costs and ingress/egress fees were piling up rapidly.

The company's customers include McDonald's Australia and New Zealand, Optus, Sportsbet, Youi, and the NSW Department of Education.

“The Avatar sequel is believed to have around 18.5PB of data attached to it, but that number pales compared to the amount of data major brands around Australia hold for their advertising and marketing programs,” said Collaboro founder and CEO Warwick Boulter.

“Compressing data is not an option in these circumstances because once the pixel is gone, it’s gone, and the quality is lost forever. We’ve built our technology to maintain that quality while maximizing efficiency.”

Known as the Launch Private Cloud, the offering is built of Dell Technologies infrastructure solutions including Dell ECS Enterprise Object Storage and Dell PowerEdge Servers.

Collaboro states that the migration from public to private cloud saw an instantaneous 30 percent cost reduction, and hopes to increase this to 50 percent as more data is added. Macquarie's private cloud offering has no ingress or egress charges.

Macquarie Cloud Services head of private cloud, Jonathan Staff, said: “Data is always growing, but in an industry where quality is everything it’s easy to lose control and even easier for costs to spiral.

“Collaboro has solved this issue. Its foresight to add further value by incorporating AI searchability into its stack also shows how in tune the company is with its customers' needs. Our Private Cloud is critical at a time when cloud costs are rising and choice is diminishing, because we can manage the data while balancing cost, security, and sovereignty.”

In September 2023, Macquarie Cloud Services announced that it had provided a customized private cloud service to Virtual IT Group for its healthcare clients.

Australia's Horizon Power is also a private cloud customer of Macquarie, having moved workloads to Macquarie's cloud in March 2023.

The Macquarie Group operates data center campuses in Sydney and Canberra. In August, the company announced plans to increase capacity at its upcoming Sydney data center - IC3 - from 32MW to 45MW.