ChinData has opened its hyperscale data center at its Taihang Mountain Energy and Information Technology Industrial Campus near Datong in North China's Shanxi province.

A panoramic of the new hyperscale campus built by ChinData – ChinData

Hyperscale for ByteDance

The launch occurred on October 25 and entailed a video outlining the design and construction of the data center.

The 50MW data center is joined by a 110kV cabin substation and a back-up 35kV substation, the facility also has access to renewable energy and multiple independent power supplies from the State Grid.

The data center operator is backed by private equity firm, Bain Capital. Recently, ChinData sold shares on the US stock market, raking in about $540m in an initial public offering (IPO). The IPO had been expected since January, with a value for the total company varying between $1bn - $4.9bn. Forty million shares were sold at around $13.50 a share.

ChinData said it planned to use the majority of the money for the construction of its data center projects and about 20 percent tucked away for investments or acquisitions.

The company makes the majority of its money from Tiktok's parent company ByteDance which is currently under heavy scrutiny by the US Government. Around 81 percent of ChinData's total revenue is derived from leasing space to that company.