The Ukrainian government has moved sensitive data outside the country, and is negotiating with other nations to move yet more material overseas.

Early on in Russia's invasion, the state began to shift data to its more secure west, but has since shifted data abroad, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Ukraine flag
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The move has already proved invaluable - early on in the war a government data center was damaged by Russian missiles, Ukraine’s deputy minister of digital transformation, George Dubinskiy, told the WSJ. Fortunately, however, the data had already been moved to the cloud in another country.

Ukraine is storing some government data in Poland, in an unidentified private cloud. The country is negotiating a similar deal with other countries, including Estonia and France.

The discussions focus on the technical aspects of storing huge databases and registries, as well as on the legal issues of personal data, and the state concerns over whether the host nation would assist in defending against a cyberattack.

Estonia, meanwhile, has its own digital government abroad - storing a backup in Luxembourg in case of a similar Russian attack.

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