An Estonian data center campus is expected to have its first phase built by May 2021.

Data center firm MCF Group Estonia OÜ (MCF) has finalized contracts with construction company AS Merko Ehitus Eesti to build the site in Saue Parish, Harju County.

The initial contract is worth approximately €9m ($10m) and will cover the initial build of around 130,000 sq ft (12,000 sq m), supporting 6MW. The company plans to expand the facility to about 377,000 sq ft (35,000 sq m).

The town of Saue, Estonia – Google Maps

A stone's throw away

According to the Estonian PostTimees, the company is expecting to establish the 20MW campus in Saue for a total of around €100m ($111m). "However, the financial impact of the project on Estonia is several times greater," MCF CEO Kurt Evert said.

“Such a data center creates many new opportunities for the Estonian IT and Telco sector in general. This, in turn, strengthens our position in the region and opens up new opportunities for international competition.”

The project was first launched in 2015 by Estonian and Finnish investors, and is supported by the Estonian government.

The facility was co-designed with Finnish specialists and the company says the site will be modular with private equipment spaces for specific clients.