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Major Panel: Cool Heads Prevail - Strategies for efficient cooling in AI-optimized data centers

As AI and new chip designs emerge, data centers must adapt to accommodate higher densities and processing capacities while maintaining sustainability commitments. This session will delve into the various cooling options available, including air, direct-liquid, immersion, and hybrid solutions, exploring their effectiveness in handling the heat generated by AI chips. Furthermore, it must be asked if air-cooling even has a part to play in the AI data centers of the future.

This panel will examine the accelerated IT and high-performance computing to meet, and discuss strategies for easing the transition from traditional air cooling to hybrid air/liquid infrastructure. Join us to learn about:

  • AI fever: Understand the impact of AI workload growth on data center infrastructure and the need for advanced cooling solutions.
  • Cooling contemplations: Compare the effectiveness of different cooling techniques, such as air, liquid, and hybrid systems, in meeting stringent cooling requirements and reducing energy consumption.
  • Adaptation: Learn strategies for transitioning from traditional air cooling to hybrid air/liquid infrastructure to accommodate the heat generated by AI chips.