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DCD>Debate: Ditch the diesel - Are batteries the future or a distraction?

The time has come to rethink the necessity of BESS in data centers. One side argues that traditional reliance on grid connections and diesel generators is sufficient, highlighting the complexities and logistical challenges of integrating battery storage into the grid. Why complicate matters if grid connections provide redundancy and if generators are tested?

Others advocate for innovative battery technologies to offer sustainable power solutions and even enable data centers to sell power back to the grid during shortages, potentially transforming energy management in data centers.

Yet, while these two sides battle it out, should there be a total rethink of battery composition? If we ‘forget’ what we know about portable lithium batteries, does this give us new ways of creating batteries? Can non-portable batteries, like liquid metal or ceramic be more efficient? To what extent can HVO change our understanding of fuel use?

Held under Chatham House Rule, DCD>Debates are open discussions led by a panel of experts, on the biggest issues to face the industry.