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Major Panel: Supply chain resilience, workforce constraints, & land availability - what's next for building at scale?

The unrelenting growth of data centers has given rise to a distinct set of challenges in building and scaling operations. Issues of design, supply chain management and workforce availability can create complex project management and delivery challenges.

In this era of expansion, what innovative construction methods are emerging to streamline large-scale data center projects? How do data centers balance speed-to-market with the need for resilient infrastructure? How do we address the ongoing workforce challenges? Join this panel to understand:

  • Latest construction innovations: Discover efficient methods tailored for large-scale data center projects to ensure timely and effective expansion.
  • Project Management best-practice: Learn to merge rapid deployment with enduring resilience, ensuring deadlines are met with long-term reliability.
  • Solutions to Workforce Challenges: Get actionable insights on attracting and retaining workforce to deliver projects at speed and scale.