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Marriott Marquis, Times Square

Major Panel: In a New York minute! How fast will the transition to Liquid Cooling now be?

Liquid cooling ascent and the quest for energy efficiency dominate the landscape and the debate may now have become 'if not how, but when?' But in this liquid cooling vs air cooling debate, do we forget about other alternatives? Cold plate cooling, and immersion cooling: these are exciting products that we should consider. But is that the problem? Are there too many technologies on the market that are causing our attention to be drawn away from adopting liquid cooling?
Watch now to explore:

  • Cooling conundrums: Explore the evolution of cooling systems: rear-door, liquid, 2-phase immersion, D2C. Are there just too many and our attention is being split when it could be more focused?
  • Revolutionizing efficiency: Dive into AI's role in data center cooling, analyzing case studies and innovations like Electrolytic descaling for water efficiency.
  • Global regulatory landscape: Contrast European regulation and innovative approaches, pondering what the New World can learn from the Old.