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Tech showcase: Critical power protection and infrastructure

This session took place on November 11, 2020

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Tech showcase: Critical power protection and infrastructure

12:00pm - Starline: Reliable Power Distribution in the Data Centre

When a rack or server go down, tens of thousands of lost revenue per second can occur for data center operators. There are methods that can help identify possible issues before they become critical as well as Starline Track Busway design features that can improve reliability and uptime.

12:20pm - FIAMM Energy Tech: Battery roles in today’s Data Centers

Data Centers are facing new challenges linked to the continuous growth for power consumption. To add to this there are added pressures relating to rising costs and public and political concerns.
In this session we examine the role that battery can play in supporting in the transition towards a sustainable solution. The correct choice of battery can assist Data Centre management in meeting these demanding challenges based around the renewable energy agenda.

12:40pm - East Penn: Deka Reserve Power Battery Solutions

With today’s complex datacenter world and the need for backup power, the battery solution is more critical than ever.  With multiple technology solutions, specifically, lead and lithium, you need the facts to make an informed decision.  Important considerations are performance, sustainability, and price.   Tune into our presentation and learn how to select the right battery for your application.  East Penn has the product portfolio and the reliability you need.

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