Panel: Immersion cooling as part of the sustainability journey

This session took place on May 3, 2023

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Panel: Immersion cooling as part of the sustainability journey

This broadcast will be streaming live at 10am ET on the 3rd of May.

The rise of high performance computing has triggered air cooling to reach an inflection point, whereby it can no longer cool racks to the required level, and certainly cannot cool them in an energy efficient way. As a result we are seeing liquid cooling technologies, in particular immersion hitting the mainstream, but can we really define how sustainable immersion systems are and what impact they will have on data center power consumption?

This episode will identify how innovative cooling methods can help data centers on their journey to net zero. By exploring energy requirements for immersion cooling versus air, attendees will gain tangible insights of how these innovative systems can bring down the PUE of their operation, whilst also reducing their water consumption. The sustainability benefits of immersion cooling transcend just the obvious as these expert speakers will attest to by exploring how these systems can extend the lifetime of equipment as well as facilitating the reuse of waste heat. Finally this session will address the considerations of coolant fluids, how to manage and dispose of them to ensure minimal impact on the environment.