Fireside chat: Precision liquid cooling takes center stage

This session took place on May 3, 2023

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Fireside chat: Precision liquid cooling takes center stage

At a time of data gravity and denser compute, conventional air-cooling methods are no longer meeting the requirements of high-power, high-density server loads. Air cooling can no longer ensure the reliable operation of today’s data center demands. It’s time to redefine cooling with a new playbook that makes it easier for data center operators to achieve their Net Zero targets.

This episode shines the spotlight on Iceotope’s precision liquid cooling technology. Precision liquid cooling significantly reduces energy and water consumption as well as reduces the cost of data center design, build and operations. A precision liquid cooled data center is simpler, less complex and more efficient than any alternative, making data centers a part of the sustainability solution. In this discussion we will examine how precision liquid cooling efficiently cools, protects and monitors the whole IT stack in any location from the extreme edge to the hyperscale cloud. We’ll talk about why form factor is so important. Finally, we’ll discuss why sustainability cannot be about incrementalism, but rather holistic change.

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