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The hit series for the multi-tenant data center ecosystem

Panel: On the road to the billion-dollar data center - How is the pandemic impacting how investors select their next deal?

According to Fidelity, 7 in 10 institutional investors now expect to buy or invest in digital assets in the future with more than 90% expecting to have an allocation in their client’s portfolios by 2026.

With data centers sitting at the intersection of communications, infrastructure and real estate, there are a plethora of opportunities ranging from funding for towers and fiber networks to gargantuan investment in the global expansion of a data center REIT.

We ask our panel of TMT experts to shed light on their approach to dealmaking. How can operators stand out from the crowd? Is patient capital a thing of the past? Will investment drop off as we ease out of the pandemic or is the bankrolling of the sector here to stay?