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Entry submission deadline extended! (Live Awards Ceremony - 6 December 2023, London)

Mission Critical Tech Innovation Award

Cat. #7, Project & Innovation Categories

This category is open to any mission-critical technology applied to the data center environment (white space or grey space) that was available to the market and in use from September 2022. It could be data center cooling, power, monitoring, security, containerization or cabling innovations, or even related to the design or integration of such components.

The judging panel will be looking to shortlist new technology that is not only innovative but has made the most positive difference to data center design, construction, operations or management. They will also be on the lookout for technology that can meet demand and scale effectively.

Judging criteria

(1) Complexity of problem being solved (2) Product features and differentiation (3) Innovation and creativity (4) Impact and wider applicability

Who can enter?

This Award is open to any company actively creating solutions for the data center industry (owners, operators, consultants, vendors, suppliers, academics etc). The technological innovation must be new and must have been available in-market from September 2022.

Last year's category finalists were: