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In a fast-moving market, we know that data center buyers are 69% more likely to reach out to brands they trust and recognize. We also know that buyers are considering a minimum of 3 competing solutions at any 1 time. Does your brand and solution stand out? Are you synonymous with excellence? The 14th annual DCD>Awards represent a unique opportunity to:

1. Establish brand identity and trust by aligning your business to a key audience of global influencers

2. Drive share-of-voice on a particular topic or technology area

3. Benefit from a year-round marketing campaigns across email, social and media channels

4. Be profiled alongside industry leaders and judges as a key voice in the industry

5. Drive demand with finalist webinars and downloadable assets providing MQLs

Pre-Awards campaign includes:

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  • Dedicated page of the website on your award with sponsor branding, logo and links
  • Dedicated announcement of Linkedin
  • Dedicated announcement on Twitter
  • 2x 20,000+ email sends promoting sponsorship of your award category
  • Sponsor logo on all event materials
  • Interview with your Subject Matter expert to promote the sponsorship
  • Extensive banner advertising with 50,000+ impressions
  • Your logo on a full page advertisement in the Autumn DCD>Magazine
  • DCD>Debates finalist webinar

During the ceremony:

Present your award with our celebrity guest
  • Dedicated sponsor introduction to the award
  • Sponsor hosts a team for the virtual quiz night hosted by celebrity guest
  • Exclusive branding on the virtual stage
  • Dedicated social media announcements during the event

Post-Awards campaign includes:

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  • Editorial write up of your sponsor category and the award winner
  • Video of your category published on and through social channels
  • Inclusion in the January edition of DCD>Quarterly magazine including a special awards supplement.
  • Digital subscriptions are 50,000+ & print subscriptions 10,000+

Top 5 reasons to partner

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  1. Establish brand trust with a marketing campaign with over 200,000+ community reach.
  2. Deliver effective leadership positioning by aligning yourself with industry leaders and key success stories
  3. Thought Leadership position making your brand synonymous with the category
  4. Host potential future customers at the ceremony for targeted demandgeneration
  5. Drive engagement and educate the market through the editorialisation of the awards

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40,000+ editorial views

50,000+ videos watched