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Hyperscale Data Center Innovation Award

Cat. #5, Project & Technology Categories
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Hyperscale data centers stand out. These giant facilities are  often located outside urban environments in regions like Scandinavia, the Midwest US, and even the Andes, where abundant renewable sources can meet their demand for hundreds of Megawatts of power. As well as forging new data center design concepts, they are evolving new ecosystems with their local energy grids.

Judges will be looking for original designs or technological solutions that will benefit the wider data center community.


  • To qualify, all or part of the project must be operational by 1st September 2020.
  • The data center must be owned by a Hyperscale data center operator.
  • Architects, consulting engineers and contractors can nominate design projects on behalf of their clients and assist in the preparation of the entry.
  • This award will be presented jointly to the company for whom the data center was built  and the company responsible for its design.

2019 Winner