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Reducing carbon dioxide emissions and energy bills with 98% efficient rectifiers

The demand for mobile communication is continuously increasing worldwide. This trend has been obvious for many years, yet substantial investments are still needed to cope with increasing traffic and new services. This includes new sites, more telecom equipment and more dispersed network infrastructure. All of this equipment needs energy. New equipment normally is more energy efficient, but that doesn’t offset the growth in traffic.

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    Addressing Cyber Security Concerns of Data Center Remote Monitoring Platforms

    This paper describes key security aspects of developing and operating digital, cloud-based remote monitoring platforms that keep data private and infrastructure systems secure from attackers.

    This knowledge of how these platforms should be developed and deployed is helpful when evaluating the merits of remote monitoring vendors and their solutions.

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    Best Practices for Multi Tenant Data Center Migration

    Get the Most from Your Host. This eBook addresses best practices in the eight stages of planning, designing, migration and Day Two operations of an enterprise’s data center assets in an MTDC environment.

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    Data Centers Best Practices

    A holistic view of the data center and the opportunities to enhance its infrastructure to meet current and future demands

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    Analysis of Data Center Architectures Supporting Open Compute Project (OCP)

    Open Compute has had a significant impact on the thinking about data center design. Until now, the focus has been on systems at the rack level, leaving unanswered questions about the power infrastructure upstream of the rack. In this paper, Schneider Electric address critical questions about the implications of Open Compute on the upstream power infrastructure, including redundancy, availability, and flexibility.

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    Solving Edge Computing Infrastructure Challenges

    This paper describes a new, emerging model that involves an integrated ecosystem of cooperative partners, vendors, and end users. This ecosystem and the integrated micro data center solution it produces, help mitigate the unique challenges of edge applications.

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    7 DCIM Considerations When Migrating To Colocation

    As organizations grow and evolve, they will inevitably hit an inflection point to tackle the classic “buy or build” dilemma regarding critical systems or infrastructure. They will have to ponder and debate the pro’s and con’s of whether to build data centers and maintain them internally or to outsource them externally.

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    Data Center Transformation: The Impact Of Emerging Power Architectures On Today’s Data Centers

    The unprecedented capacity requirements of large social media, search, colocation and cloud companies is driving massive investments in data center development. The organizations creating this capacity are continually experimenting with new technologies and designs to push the limits of data center performance while driving down costs. Download this whitepaper from Vertiv to find out more.

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    Data Center RFP Template

    Citadel brings you an expert guide for leaders to define requirements for data center providers