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    Game day enhanced by 5G

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    The emergence of lithium-ion batteries within the data center

    Experienced users know that traditional lead-acid batteries are often considered the ‘weak link’ in their data center’s power chain. With strings and strings of batteries required to support a modern facility, it might feel as if a possible failure is lurking at any time.

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    Best practices: selecting a colocation provider

    Competition is good for consumers. Competition reduces the stagnation in a commoditized service by driving the need to provide value add. It is essential for Colo providers to create, innovate, and differentiate to meet the accelerating demands of their customers.

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    The digital twin for today’s data center

    Data center operators are building 3 data centers for every 2 data centers they need. Download this white paper to learn more about how the digital twin can maximize your data center performance

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    The True Cost of Data Center Over-Provisioning

    Almost half of data center decision makers—a disconcertingly high 49%—are having to increase capacity within their existing power & cooling infrastructure.

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    Humidity Effects in Substations

    This report demonstrates why it is extremely important to control the substation environment and this can be achieved by minimising moisture ingress into substations and controlling the temperature and humidity within the building.


    Water mitigation in data centers

    With increased extreme weather related events and rising sea levels due to climate change, critical infrastructure is becoming more threatened by water ingress and flooding. This paper outlines how data center operators can mitigate for threat

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    Navigating cabling options for enterprise and cloud data centers

    For the purpose of this whitepaper, we define the size of a data center by the number of servers or switches it hosts. A cloud data center generally has upwards of 100,000 or more servers, while a large enterprise data center will has around 10,000 or more servers. Small-to-medium data centers may have 500 servers or less.

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    Flying Solo, or Going Colo

    Modern data centers are some of the most complex buildings around, getting more complex by the day. Costs for building a state of the art hyperscale data center can quickly run into the range of billions of dollars before the first bitcoin is mined or the first video is stored.